Using Prescription Weight Loss Drugs to Treat Obesity – Do I Need a Prescription Weight Loss Drug?

Let’s put it this way: blubber is a ache which, if not treated, will advance to complications such as heart-related diseases, stroke, diabetes, and a host of added abiding (and sometimes fatal) conditions. For abiding abatement that do not crave big-ticket trials and errors, some humans opt for decree weight accident drugs.


Prescription weight accident medications are not for everyone. Abandoned two types of humans get prescriptions for weight accident drugs. First are the humans whose BMI or Physique Mass Index is 30 and aloft and are chargeless of obesity-related diseases. Second are the humans whose BMI is 27 and accept signs of altitude accompanying to obesity.

If you do not authorize with the aloft criteria, you are a lot of acceptable not ill-fitted to use decree weight accident drugs.

Types of drugs

The archetypal weight accident medications are abandoned for concise use. Added than that, there would be adverse affects on the patient’s body. Also, these drugs mostly comprise appetence suppressants and fat inhibitors.

The above are the types of weight accident accoutrement that ambush the academician to activate satiation, appropriately annoyance the appetence and charge to eat. The latter, on the added hand, are the types that anticipate the processing and assimilation of fats in the digestive system, appropriately causing fats to get ablaze anon after getting captivated by the body. The FDA accustomed an aristocratic alternative of appetence suppressants and fat inhibitors for abiding use. For suppressants, abandoned Meridia has been approved; Xenical (Alli) is the abandoned fat inhibitor included in the FDA list. While these are decree drugs, they can be bought over-the-counter.

To apperceive if these drugs are ill-fitted for you, it is best that you argue your doctor. He abandoned can appraise whether you are a acceptable applicant or not, or whether there are other, far beneath invasive methods that he can acclaim for you.

The Big Surge in Prescription Drug Use – And Abuse

America has become a “pill-popping” nation. Over the endure decade, the allotment of Americans who took at atomic one decree biologic in the accomplished ages added by 10%. Assorted decree biologic acceptance added by 20%, and the use of 5 or added drugs added by 70%. Spending for decree drugs aswell added than angled from the years 1999 to 2008.

Other allegation from a National Health and Nutrition Examination Analysis (NHANES) showed that decree biologic use added with age. Women were added acceptable than men to use decree drugs. The analysis aswell adumbrated that the non-Hispanic white citizenry had the accomplished decree biologic use and the Mexican-American citizenry had the lowest.

The a lot of frequently acclimated drugs were asthma medicines for children, axial afraid arrangement stimulants for adolescents, antidepressants for middle-aged adults and cholesterol blurred and top claret burden drugs for earlier Americans. Almost 40% of earlier Americans acclimated 5 or added decree drugs in the accomplished month. This access in decree biologic use has become a assurance accident for earlier Americans that may aswell accord to adverse biologic contest and added healthcare costs.

The billow in decree biologic abuse

An adverse by-product of this added decree biologic acceptance is the even added alarming access of decree biologic abuse. A 2010 White House abstraction begin a 400% jump in actuality corruption analysis admissions for decree affliction relievers amid 1998 and 2008. Experts say that a abridgement of ecology programs and Americans’ abhorrence to handle even baby pains partly explains this increase.

One of the better increases over the 10-year abstraction was the access in analgesic admissions, mostly due to the access of decree opiods, which cover painkillers such as Vicodin and Oxycontin. Perhaps a lot of apropos is that a 2004 analysis by the National Institute on Biologic Corruption (NIDA) begin that 9.3% of 12th-graders address that they accept acclimated Vicodin after a decree — and 5% say that they accept taken Oxycontin after a prescription! Overall, the bulk of emergency allowance admissions for abusage of decree painkillers rose from 40,000 in 1994 to over 300,000 in 2008.

Why are assertive drugs so addicting?

The a lot of frequently abused drugs tend to be those that flood our academician with dopamine. The pleasurable, beatific activity that after-effects can be 2 to 10 times the bulk accustomed from accustomed rewards (such as sex or eating) and, in some cases, abundant faster acting and/or best lasting.

What factors access a person’s affairs of acceptable absorbed to decree medications?

While the accepted accessible may appearance biologic abusers as humans defective in discipline or possessing behavioral flaws, assorted factors actuate a person’s likelihood of acceptable absorbed to assertive medications. It is commonly a aggregate of:

Biology: Genetics play a ample role in a person’s vulnerability. Added biological influencers cover ethnicity, gender and added brainy disorders.

Environment: Peer burden comes to apperception aboriginal but added ecology influencers cover socioeconomic status, stress, history of concrete or animal abuse, ancestors abutment and affectionate influence.

Age (stage of one’s development): The adolescent a being is if biologic use begins, the greater their likelihood of developing addictions and corruption tendencies. As a person’s academician develops, decision-making, acumen and abstemiousness tend to advance and adventurousness behaviors tend to decrease.